Patient arrested after allegedly hitting physician’s assistant Nov. 20 at clinic

A patient allegedly assaulted a physician’s assistant at Moab Regional Hospital and was later taken to jail. Photo by Carter Pape

A woman has been charged with assault after endangering a physician’s assistant during a medical appointment at Moab Regional Hospital. The incident occurred after the health provider told the 31-year-old woman that “there was nothing else they could do for her,” according to Moab City Police. The patient allegedly started throwing things around the room and hit the PA in the arm and chest.

Federal law prevents health care providers from divulging certain information about individuals’ health information under many circumstances, and police did not share in court filings the nature of the patient’s visit to the hospital or what health problems she might have been facing.

Police did say that hospital staff began trying to commit the patient to a mental hospital in St. George after the incident occurred on Nov. 20.

According to a court filing, the patient began headbutting the window of a sheriff’s office patrol car after deputies loaded her into it for transport to St. George. The Grand County Sheriff’s Office, which was going to transport her, eventually determined that the weather would prohibit a transport that day.

Instead, Moab City Police charged the woman with assault on a health care provider and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanor charges, and booked her into Grand County Jail. According to Moab City Police Chief Bret Edge, the individual was not transported to a mental health facility.