Trump’s baseless claim about Ukrainian corruption


In trying to understand our President’s claim that he was only trying to get to the bottom of corruption in the Ukraine I found a couple of interesting facts.

First, February 2018, a federal court approved a $25 million settlement with students who said they were duped by Donald Trump and the corrupt Trump University. The courts forced Trump to repay those students that $25 million they paid in tuition. Screwing college students out of their tuition is the definition of corruption.

Second, last month, Nov. 7, 2019, New York Judge Saliann Scarpulla ruled that Trump must pay $2 million in damages to nonprofit groups to settle allegations that he and his family used the Trump (charitable) Foundation monies not for charities, but to further his political and business interests, paying attorneys, etc.

People, including Ukranian bad boys, were making large donations to the foundation, essentially funneling money to the Trump family. The judge also ordered the foundation shut down and ordered the Trump family to no longer participate in any such foundations. Again our President is caught in a corrupt act.

This isn’t fake news, look it up online and read the transcripts yourself.

It is clear that Trump has an interest in corruption; sadly his concern seems to be about how not to get caught, not how to prevent it. That makes his story about wanting to root out corruption in the Ukraine impossible to take seriously.

— Andrew Riley