Grand County property tax increase long overdue


None of us like having to pay more taxes, but we need to support the new proposed tax increases. In hindsight, past Grand County councils should have made small increases each year to keep up with inflation.

Instead, they let wages for county employees drift so low that it was impossible to fill some positions or retain newly trained employees. The proposed property tax increase is a necessary course correcti 0 on. Even after the increase, we will still have a lean county government and well-below-average overall property tax rates.

Recent complaints about property taxes leave out a very important fact: Grand County has some of the lowest property tax rates in Utah, and that will still be true after the proposed increase. Utah property tax rates are below average for the U.S., and Grand County property tax rates are below average for Utah.

Let’s make sure our county employees have a living wage and that we citizens still enjoy the benefits that we receive living in Grand County.

– Ginny Carlson