Moab Free Health handles more than 1,400 patient visits in 2019

Thankful patient calls it, ‘The best little clinic in the world’

The Moab Rotary Club presents the Moab Free Health Clinic with a donation of $10,000 during the clinic’s annual open house Friday, Dec. 6. From left, Doug Caylor, RN, clinic executive director; Angela Settle, clinic development director; Britta Kingsley, Rotary Club president; Danette Johnson, clinic board president. Photo by Sena Hauer

The Moab Rotary Club Dec. 6 presented the Moab Free Clinic with a donation of $10,000 to help fund the various services offered by the clinic.

The clinic now offers the widest variety of services since its inception in 2008, handling primary care visits, mental health issues, laboratory needs, nurse visits and well-woman consultations. Other specialty services handled by the clinic include dermatology, STD screenings and treatment, vision screenings and patient navigation.

Britta Kingsley, president of the Moab Rotary Club said, “Over the years the club has been engaged in many different projects in town, statewide and internationally, always with the aim to help others and with the international slogan, ‘Service Above Self.’ A few years ago we started to concentrate specifically on the Free Health Clinic,” said Kingsley during the clinic annual open house last week.

“It was obvious to us that this team of people, with the service they provide for our community, is very needed and very important. After helping to secure the new location and building on 500 West, we have had a growing partnership with the Free Health Clinic,” said Kingsley. “It is my pleasure to present this check of $10,000 to the team to help ensure that everyone in Moab can get health care.”

The clinic has a paid staff complemented by more than 1,000 volunteer hours by various service providers, resulting in an estimated $400,000 of patient savings last year alone. The clinic handled more than 1,400 patient visits in 2019.

In some written materials provided by the clinic, one of its patients said, “Without the Moab Free Health Clinic I would not be able to survive!” The man, an insulin-dependent diabetic, has to deal with chronic and acute pancreatitis. “These two conditions leave me ill, with pain and/or nausea. I have no insurance coverage. For me to continue to live, I need insulin and numerous other prescription medications. I also need regular blood tests to monitor my conditions, and lab work is unattainable to the uninsured. The Moab Free Health Clinic is my only option for these necessities. Not to mention how important it is to be able to schedule an appointment with a doctor twice a year to monitor my overall health.”

The patient called the nonprofit “the best little clinic in the world,” and said there are a lot of people who agree that it’s a valuable asset for our community.

The clinic operates entirely on grants, foundations and private donations.