Police: Someone has been messing with the Free Health Clinic’s HVAC system

Photo by Carter Pape

Somebody tampered with the heating and cooling system at the Moab Free Health Clinic recently, according to Moab City Police, causing $100 in damage to the unit. Staff at the clinic said that someone might have tampered with the unit previously, as well, possibly in September of this year and January of last year.

A police officer said last week, Dec. 4, that he found the fan inside one of the clinic’s HVAC units hanging out of place, with three of the nuts that had been holding it in place removed and dropped on the ground. Police responded to the clinic after a staff member heard the HVAC motor humming, noticed the fan wasn’t turning, checked the unit and found that the fan was out of place.

Police said that, although the nuts were found on the ground near the unit, they would not have become loose merely on their own because, if they had been, they would have fallen to the bottom of the inside of the unit, not outside. The staff member told police that someone had tampered with the clinic’s HVAC system previously and that staff found refrigerant from the unit missing earlier this year.

So far, police have not found any suspects or leads in the case.