Utah won’t honor out-of-state OHV registration tags

Photo by Carter Pape

Effective Jan. 1, 2020, the State of Utah will no longer honor off-highway vehicle registrations from any other states.

In past years, Utah has had standing agreements with some other states to honor their OHV registration. This meant that visitors to Utah who had OHVs registered in states like Nevada were not required to obtain a non-resident user permit or pay a non-resident fee.

In the 2019 General Session, the Utah Legislature passed H.B. 105 that removed this option from future use. This means that starting on Jan. 1, visitors wanting to ride in Utah using a machine registered in another state will be required to purchase a non-resident OHV permit. These permits may be purchased in person from an approved vendor or ordered online.

To obtain a non-resident permit, you must provide proof of out-of-state residency and that the OHV is not owned by a Utah resident.

“The non-resident permit funds go directly back into our motorized recreational sport to help support Utah’s famous OHV trails and recreation areas,” said a statement from the Utah Department of Natural Resources. “The permits fees are directed toward trail construction, trail improvements, trail maintenance, OHV education, OHV facility development, and enforcement.”