Fight on Walnut Lane leads to arrest

brandon lavar nez mugshot
Brandon Lavar Nez

One man faces charges of aggravated assault, threat of violence and intoxication after police allegedly found him fighting with another at a house on Walnut Lane on Friday, Dec. 13.

Police responded to the scene around 8 p.m. after receiving the report and found two men in a fight, one on top of the other with a fist “cocked back as though to throw a punch” at the other man, according to a court document. Police later identified the man on top as Brandon Lavar Nez, 37.

A witness to the altercation, who was at the scene when police arrived, said the fight started after Nez threatened him, saying he would stab him. The witness told police that his brother, who was fighting with Nez when police arrived, then got between them, which is when he said the two started fighting.

Police said markings on the victim’s neck showed that someone had choked him; the alleged victim said it was Nez. The man also gave the same account to police that his brother had given.

Nez told police that the victim and his brother had jumped him, which is why he said the fight started. Police said that Nez smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech as he spoke.

Police arrested Nez, who faces one felony charge for aggravated assault and two other charges: intoxication and making a threat of violence.