Police: Man breaks bottle over victim’s head, both go to MRH

eric s. johnson mugshot
Eric S. Johnson

Police charged a man with aggravated assault and multiple misdemeanors earlier this month after a victim, who police found with swelling on his head, told police that the man, who was intoxicated, according to reports, broke a glass bottle over his head, sending both men to the hospital.

Police arrested Eric S. Johnson, 29, at about 9 p.m. on Dec. 6 after arriving to find the victim and another man holding Johnson to the ground as they waited for police to arrive on the scene. Police also found a broken whiskey bottle nearby.

The victim had visible “swelling and disfigurement” on the right side of his face and head, according to police, so they requested EMS to the scene.

According to the victim and his girlfriend, they and a friend were at home when they heard someone yelling outside their house. The victim and the two witnesses then went out to see what the commotion was and found Johnson.

The victim and his girlfriend told police that they told Johnson to leave, that he did not, and that he then charged the victim. The victim pushed Johnson away, then Johnson allegedly struck him with a glass whiskey bottle, hitting him on the right side of his head.

Afterwards, the victim said he and the friend took Johnson to the ground and held him down until police arrived. EMS treated the man, who told police that he felt as though his jaw was locking up.

Police said that they found blood on Johnson’s sweatpants, and although he told police he was not injured, they later found his right leg had a cut near the knee. He refused stitches when taken to the hospital.

Johnson faces one felony charge for aggravated assault along with charges of trespassing, intoxication and disorderly conduct.