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    Swim team hosts small meet; takes second, third place

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    Anthony Militano
    Anthony Militano
    Times-Independent Staff Writer
    gchs swimming
    Mallory Maughan and her competitors dive into the 500-yard freestyle for the first time. Photo by Anthony Militano

    The Grand County swim team hosted a mini-meet on Friday, Dec. 13, in Moab. North Summit, South Summit and South Sevier competed. Both the boys and girls took second place overall.

    As a team, Josie Wakefield, Kiersten Kimmerle, Zoe Warren and Neelie Relph squeaked out a first place finish in the girls 200-yard medley relay. Warren, Wakefield, Kyla Jackman and Neelie Relph took first place in the 400-yard free relay.

    Arthur Hawks, Brendan Moore, Pat Pakkarato and Dallin Stucki placed first in the 200-yard medley relay for the boys. Stryder Young, Duncan Clark, Ricky Shumway and Camron Stotz earned second place in the 400-yard free relay.

    Pat Pakkarato and student swim manager Spencer Porter cheer on senior Dallin Stucki as he makes the turn. Photo by Anthony Militano

    In individual events, Young came in first in the boys 200-yard free. Aly Bertoch took second and Zoe Campbell landed at third in the girls 200-yard free contest. The girls 50-yard free went to Wakefield; Neelie Relph took third in that event and Meeker Relph finished fifth.

    Pakkarato took first in the 100-yard butterfly and the 100-yard breaststroke, Stotz secured first place in the 500-yard freestyle, and Hawks took first in the 100-yard backstroke. Brendan Moore took second in the 100-yard breaststroke, Stucki earned the silver medal in the 100-yard backstroke, and Hawks won second prize in the 100-yard fly. Young landed in third place in the boys 500-yard freestyle and Shumway took third in the 100-yard freestyle.

    Warren locked up first place for the ladies in the 100-yard backstroke. Jackman took second and Zoe Campbell third in the girls 100-yard breaststroke. Wakefield placed second and Aly Bertoch placed third in the 500-yard freestyle.

    The Grand County swim team honored seniors and hosted a second mini-meet on Saturday, Dec. 14 at the Moab Aquatic Center. Kiersten Kimmerle, Josie Wakefield, Julia Crane, David Minor, Dallin Stucki and student manager Spencer Porter were recognized for their dedication to the team.

    North Summit, South Summit and Carbon attended the meet. The Red Devils boys and girls teams landed in third place.

    Pakkarato took first place in the 100-yard backstroke and the 200-yard individual medley for the boys, and on the girls side Wakefield won first place in the 100-yard backstroke and third in the 200-yard freestyle.

    Warren seized second place in the girls 100-yard and 200-yard freestyle. Stotz snagged second in the boys 200-yard freestyle. Neelie Relph picked up third in the girls 100-yard free and Stotz picked up third in the boys 100-yard free.

    Second place in the boys 500-yard freestyle went to Arthur Hawks. Mallory Maughan swam the 500-yard freestyle for the first time. “She was pretty nervous about it,” coach Brian Pierce said. “She was a trooper. She nailed it and did really good.” According to Pierce, Maughan dropped 40 seconds in the 200 yard in the Friday meet and Stotz dropped time and shattered personal records in the 100- and 500-yard events on Friday and Saturday.

    As a team, Stucki, Hawks, Stotz and Pakkarato earned the gold medal in the boys 200-yard free relay. Stucki, Hawks, Moore and Pakkarato took the silver in the 400-yard free relay. Wakefield, Warren, Kimmerle and Neelie Relph took second in the girls 200- and 400-yard freestyle relay.

    “The kids are on course and working hard,” Pierce reflected. “This was our last home meet of the season. We honored and got rid of our seniors today,” Pierce quipped. “It was kind of a rough day. It’s hard to seem them go.”

    The team will be on the road for the remainder of the season, which is now at the halfway point. Grand’s next challenge will be the Tooele Invite on Friday, Dec. 20 and Saturday, Dec. 21.

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