Parolee busted Dec. 27 on drug charges, driving on revoked license

A Colorado parolee will begin 2020 in the Grand County Jail after he was arrested on drug charges Dec. 27. Keith Mooney was allegedly driving on a revoked Colorado driver’s license when he was pulled over just before 8:15 p.m. on Highway 191 at A1 Storage.

The Moab Police officer who made the stop knew Mooney’s license was revoked from a previous stop a couple of weeks earlier. In his affidavit of probable cause the officer said Mooney did not stop once he pulled into the business, but instead kept driving toward the back of the property after the officer activated his emergency lights.

Before he could call for backup, Mooney, his front seat and rear passengers exited the vehicle, prompting the officer to immediately get out of his patrol unit and order the trio back into the vehicle.

The passengers complied, according to the officer, but Mooney did not immediately follow his commands and instead looked as though he might be thinking of running. Mooney eventually complied.

The vehicle was searched after other officers arrived and they allegedly found a small plastic bag with a white powdery substance, two unloaded syringes used for injecting illegal drugs and a red pipe with marijuana residue.

A Utah Highway Patrol Trooper arrived and joined in the search. He allegedly found a set of scales and butane torches.

Mooney and his male passenger were placed in handcuffs. Mooney’s probation officer was contacted and she confirmed that Mooney was a parolee under her supervision and she asked the officer to arrest both men on 72-hour holds.

The trooper allegedly found another needle on the floorboard of the officer’s patrol unit.

The female passenger was released and the vehicle, a Chevrolet Impala, was released to the owner.

The men were taken to jail where Castaneda reportedly complied with a drug test, which allegedly came back positive for methamphetamine and MDA. Mooney was initially less cooperative but eventually tested and was reportedly positive for meth, MDA and THC.

Mooney’s parole officer requested he be locked up on a 15-day hold due to his lack of ties to the Moab area, and that his drug charges be elevated to felonies due to his extensive criminal background, which includes at least one conviction for drug trafficking.

He faces possession of drugs, sales of drugs, possession of paraphernalia and driving on a revoked license.