Tax increase ‘stupidest misuse’ of your money

Burning money is a federal crime in the United States, although it is seldom (if ever) enforced. Depicted in this photo, however, is not an official U.S. bank note. Public domain photo by by Intellectual/Pixabay


I believe these Grand County Council members should be removed immediately from office now for not knowing how to manage our money and the misuse of funds they don’t have!

Have they not ever heard of planning accordingly or do they keep themselves in debt with their own personal finances? From the sounds and looks of things, they do live above their means and budget and enjoy spending others’ money.

Every one of them should be voted out of office. This is the most stupid misuse of your money by those trusted people that are left in charge!

They need to charge more to the larger chain hotels that stress out the county more than anything else.

– Jim Ryan