A friendly reminder; remembering Dave Holtz


I hope everyone enjoyed the past holiday season as much as I did. It has taken me four years of retirement to finally get used to the idea that taking care of the traveling public in Grand County was no longer my responsibility.

I had told my wife that it would probably take some time for me to enjoy the season without worrying about the weather, and it did. While I miss the folks I worked with, I still see them in other venues during the year. It is always good to see old friends.

Just as a reminder to everyone: I’d like to recommend that we be respectful to all of those folks who are out taking care of the roads and highways we all depend on to go about our everyday life. They serve a vital function in a sometimes bone-wearying job that can also be very dangerous. Please give them the room they need to do their job safely.

So, no matter the season, when you see them out and about give them a friendly wave or a kind word or two if the opportunity arises. It’s not a lot but you’d be surprised how these little gestures help folks through their day.

One more thought for the day. You didn’t list Dave Holtz in your list of those who passed away in 2019. He was so often passed by that I could not allow that to happen again. We had a memorial service for him in Castle Valley even if it didn’t mean much to the rest of the community.

We had a good turnout and that made me feel so much better. Rick Thompson told me he remembered Dave being in his graduation class at Grand County High School. The pictures at his remembrance there depicted a young man much different than the Dave I knew, but regardless, nobody should be forgotten that quickly.

— David Vaughn
Castle Valley