Council should hire best qualified person

David Tubbs


In November of 2019, after nine years as Grand County Justice Court judge, I was required by state law to leave the bench as I had turned 75 years old.

A committee was formed to find a successor from among seven applicants. The committee recommended three candidates to the Grand County Council, all of whom were approved by the Administrative Office of the Courts and found to be qualified. The three candidates submitted to the Grand County Council were 1) a sitting justice court judge from an adjoining county 2) a local attorney and 3) an employee from the Grand County Attorney’s office.

On Dec. 17, 2019, the Grand County Council met to select and appoint a new judge. For reasons unclear to me, the council went into closed session to 1) appoint a new judge, 2) to approve a new attorney position for the County Attorney’s office at a salary of $80,000 plus benefits and 3) appoint a County Council administrator. Closed sessions are not recorded and are not subject to review by Grand County citizens.

As the three candidates had already been approved, no apparent reason for a closed session was evident. When the council went back into open session, it appointed the Grand County Attorney’s employee over an attorney and a highly respected judge. Three council members did vote for the judge and I commend them for that.

The council can choose anyone they want to fill this position. Perhaps they should be more transparent in how they choose and offer reasons for choosing a particular candidate. The council members have never observed the court to see what it does and why it is important to choose the best qualified person.

In my nine years, only one council member has attended a court session. I believe the council members would hire the best qualified person if it was a business in which they were involved.

— David Tubbs