Former Moab Post Office employee indicted for mail theft pleads not guilty

A former employee of the Moab Post Office has been indicted on a charge of mail theft by a federal grand jury. He will stand trial in March, should no plea deal be reached prior. File photo by Carter Pape

A man placed on leave from the Moab Post Office in November has been indicted in federal court on one count of mail theft by a postal employee. Richard C. Davis is scheduled to face trial March 16 in Salt Lake City after pleading not guilty to the charge on Jan. 7.

Court documents indicate Davis allegedly stole six greeting cards while he was an employee with the post office. The facts of the case went before a grand jury, which in December passed down a finding of probable cause and an indictment of Davis. Grand jury proceedings are private, and the facts of the case will not be presented until Davis faces trial.

After a pretrial hearing Jan. 7, Utah District Court Judge Paul M. Warner released Davis on the conditions that he not return to the Moab post office, that he remove all firearms from his house and that he not leave the continental U.S. prior to the trial.

Attempts to contact Davis’ public defender in the case were not returned before press time. Assistant U.S. attorneys do not publicly discuss cases prior to trial.

Although Davis pleaded not guilty to the charges at the Jan. 7 hearing, he may still change his plea. The deadline for reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors is Feb. 24. A two-day trial has been scheduled should Davis and assistant U.S. attorneys reach no such agreement.