Homeless count committee seeks help next week

homeless count
A woman offers help to a homeless man in New York City. Photo courtesy of Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons

Members of the Grand County Homeless Coordinating Committee will conduct the annual “Point in Time” count next week. The Point in Time Count takes place in large cities and rural communities all across the United States. The count has two components, counting those who are unsheltered, and those who are in temporary shelter, such as a motel room, according to Sara Melnicoff.

The count begins Thursday, Jan. 23, and asks homeless people where they slept the night of Jan. 22. The count lasts three days. All data is then transmitted to the State of Utah, where it helps determine where and what kind of funding is needed to assist the homeless into permanent housing. The count attempts to locate and count all people who are homeless in Grand County.  All information collected is kept confidential, said Melnicoff.

We are asking the community for help in locating people that may be sleeping outdoors, or in cars, storage units, sheds, or any other place not fit for human habitation. Please call Liz at the PIT lead agency, the Moab Valley Multicultural Center, at 435-259-5444 if you, or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, Melnicoff said.

Beyond help in getting funding to Grand County to address homelessness, we can help connect people to a variety of services in the region, said Melnicoff.