Kauffman leads state treasurers organization

Beginning Jan. 1, Grand County Treasurer Chris Kauffman took the helm of the Utah Association of County Treasurers (UACT) as president.

chris kauffman
Chris Kauffman

Elected by his peers, Kauffman will be leading the association whose mission includes forwarding the professional growth of its members and promoting beneficial legislation. Kauffman will be attending an event for county officials at the Utah Legislature during the end of January. “There are a number of bills that county treasurers are following and one that we have worked with a legislator to introduce,” said Kauffman. “Advocating for legislation in person is an important part of the process.” Kauffman will also be coordinating three educational conferences for county treasurers during the year.

“It is incredibly useful for elected officials to get together and share ideas, issues and best practices,” said Kauffman. “Most of the improvements I have made to my office have come from learning about what other counties are already doing.”

As president of the county treasurers, Kauffman will also become a member of the board of directors for the Utah Association of Counties (UAC). “I will be representing the county treasurers on the board, but I can also be looking out for Grand County’s interests,” said Kauffman. His term on the UAC board and as president of UACT will last through 2020.