Police: 45-year-old charged with sex crimes against minor

Samuel Beauregard

A 45-year-old Moab man was arrested and charged with sex crimes involving a teenaged girl. The allegations against Samuel Beauregard came after doctors at the Moab Regional Hospital called police to report a possible sexual assault victim had been brought to the emergency room on Jan. 5.

According to the affidavit of probable cause to arrest Beauregard written by a Moab Police sergeant, the father of the alleged victim went to Beauregard’s home and his daughter, 17, answered the door. He confronted Beauregard and reportedly told him that he could be arrested.

The girl left with her father and, according to the affidavit, she told her parents that she and Beauregard had been in a sexual relationship since she was 15 before they took her to the hospital for evaluation.

A detective sergeant interviewed the girl at the hospital. The girl alleged she and Beauregard had been involved “weekly” for two years and that the pair communicated via Facebook Messenger.

Police applied for and received a search warrant for the girl’s phone, and one was compiled for any electronic devices that belonged to Beauregard.

Multiple officers responded to Beauregard’s address. He provided them with his cell phone and a tablet after they presented him with the search warrant. He agreed to be interviewed at the department.

Beauregard, according to court documents, said he has known the victim “her whole life,” and that he expected police to arrive on his doorstep after the interaction with her father earlier in the day.

But, according to police, the man denied being involved with the girl. He admitted he let her stay the night on Jan. 4, but that they slept in separate rooms and that was the only time she was in his home

He also allegedly admitted the girl sent him provocative messages, some that included nude images, and he initially said that he never responded to the girl’s messages. Later during the interview, police say he said he did comment on the images, telling the girl she looked nice or beautiful.

“When confronted about the disclosures made by the victim, Samuel seemed to shut down, not denying the accusation but redirecting the conversation and sometimes stating that he could not recall,” wrote the sergeant. “Samuel was asked why the victim would lie about the disclosures made. He responded that she would not lie. Samuel was asked directly if he had participated in sexual acts with the victim [and he] stated that he had not. One of the statements made by Samuel when confronted again with the victim’s accusations was, ‘well she’s already told you, I guess I’m going to jail.’ Samuel continued to deny having had any sexual activity.”

He was booked on the following charges: sexual exploitation of a minor for alleged possession pornographic images of the girl; unlawful sexual activity with a 16- or 17-year-old; and unlawful sexual activity with a minor when she was younger than 16.