Two city officials resign over winter break

After two and a half years of service to the City of Moab, Moab’s Sustainability Director Rosemarie Russo has resigned, effective Feb. 5. Separately, Oscar Antillon, the city’s public works director of several months, resigned shortly after Christmas. His last day was Jan. 10.

Moab City Communications and Engagement Manager Lisa Church confirmed Russo’s and Antillon’s resignations via email. Church thanked each for their service, Russo for “her dedication to the city during her tenure,” and Antillon for his “hard work and dedication,” during his short stint with the city.

The reason for Russo’s resignation was not clear; Antillon is “relocating back to California,” whence he came to Moab, “to be with his family,” according to Church. Antillon joined the city staff last June; Russo joined in July 2017.