In opposition to Rebuilds’ rezone


I am writing to express my firm opposition to the zone change request by Community Rebuilds for 140 South 200 East from R3 to C2. This zone change would be an unnecessary case of commercial zone creep into an established Old Town residential neighborhood.

There currently are no C2 properties with street frontage on 200 East between 100 South and 300 South and I believe that is a good thing. Since 200 South does not go through to Main Street; as it stops at the Millcreek Parkway, it creates a very quiet, less traveled neighborhood close to town, which is rare, and should be protected.

I think Community Rebuilds should keep their R3 at 140 South, put the bunkhouse and current office in R3, and hold onto their existing C2 for all their equipment and material storage needs, then go find a commercial location for their office needs. This plan would leave more needed units in the housing stock, which after all is their goal.

If Community Rebuilds sticks around awhile, and steps back to count their blessings for what they now have, they will realize they do not want commercial creep in their neighborhood either, and the neighborhood can once again breathe a sigh of relief.

— Kirk De Fond