In support of Principal Hren


I strongly support Principal Steve Hren as he follows guidelines established by the Utah High School Activities Association to instill considerate behavior in fans at sporting events. I would expect no less from an administrator charged with overseeing all aspects of student education, nor from Dr. Hren himself, who has led Grand County High School with integrity for many years.

Through the heartbreak of student deaths, celebrations of students’ achievements, and the day-to-day matters of school in the 21st century, he has modeled honesty and maturity to meet new situations.

Now, a lesson preparing students for adulthood is present. At one time or another we’ve all had to learn to step back from the fervor of the moment, think about the situation from the perspective of other sides and adjust our approach. Being considerate of the other person is a hallmark of a good community. And, in this case, it is an indicator to opposing teams and fans of good sportsmanship.

It’s a pleasure to attend high school events in the presence of a respectful student body. I look forward to students creating an expression of school spirit that embodies the spirit of GCHS exhibited in articles printed weekly in this newspaper reporting on GCHS sports, drama, debate, Sterling Scholar, music programs, prom and many more.

Also, thanks to Anthony Militano for his open letter to Red Devils fans in the Jan. 16 edition of The Times-Independent.

— Linda Warren