Convicted drug seller charged with drug distribution

‘Copious’ amounts of paraphernalia found

A woman on probation for prior convictions of distribution of controlled substances now faces five more felony charges for intent to distribute after parole officers allegedly found the woman with drugs, scales and “copious” amounts of paraphernalia during a compliance check.

Moab City Police charged Lorinda Lue Applegate, 42, after a search of her residence allegedly turned up oxycodone pills, benzodiazepines, methamphetamine, raw marijuana, three notebooks containing alleged transactions, scales, syringes and other drugs and paraphernalia. Police said she also had four cell phones that allegedly “contained multiple conversations about the purchase and sale of illegal drugs.”

Prior to the search, Applegate allegedly told police that the room where deputies found the drugs, paraphernalia and other materials belonged to her.