GCHS roof work completed

Trashcans kicked to the curb due to no more leaking

The Grand County High School roof project finished up this week, well past the projected late November completion date, but under the $1.6 million budget. Courtesy photo

For years Grand County High School has suffered with a leaking roof. At first glance it seemed insignificant, but this trial has proved to be more than students and staff could handle.

Action was taken and the roof underwent extensive reconstructions to fix the leaks.

After construction is completed, maintenance workers will come back and replace the ceiling tiles. The project was originally supposed to be finished close toThanksgiving, but has been pushed back to this week. The overall cost was projected to be $1.6 million, but the job came in under budget due to some repairs that turned out to be unnecessary.

“It’s been needed to be done for probably the last five years,” said Dr. Stephen Hren, the school’s principal. “The roof had about a 20-year lifespan, but because of the sun here in Moab it’s cut some of that short.”

In past years trashcans littered the hallways, trying to soak up the puddles that leaked through the roof. “On the computers we had set up trashcans to catch the leaks,’’ said Ms. Stephenson, the high school’s librarian. “That has been a real problem, so I’m glad to see the roof will be fixed.”

During the construction process some struggles occurred, but nothing worse than what the broken roof offered. “Before the construction I was missing like 20% roof tiles, but it was kind of nice. Looked like industrial chic. Very safe,” quipped Mr. Provart, a high school math teacher. There were also problems with the amount of noise that came with the construction, but it was a distraction teachers and students endured without too much complaint.

The roof is complete now, along with new skylights. “All that is left is adding two permanently fixed ladders to access the upper roof from each lower roof, the walkway runners to help protect the new roof along the frequently used walkways, and there will be a final walk-through inspection next week to ensure that the project is completed according to the drawings,” said Frank Melo, the school’s maintenance supervisor. Several teachers and students said they are thrilled for the roof to be fixed and construction to be over.

Crane, a senior at Grand County High School, is a student intern at The Times-Independent.