Letter: I stand corrected


I was reminded last week by his niece that I got the last name for my recently deceased friend Dave wrong. His name was Hotz not Holtz. I quickly remembered him telling me this many years ago.

His name was missed in the list of those who had passed on last year in The Times-Independent because he did not have an obituary in the newspaper. But we did have a well-attended memorial for him in the valley. There was a lot of good food there so I am sure Dave was there in spirit.

I can only guess I must have been remembering a girl I went to grade school with in good old Chicago Heights, Illinois, a good many years ago. Her name was Carol Holtz. That’s my excuse until I can think of a better one.

Regardless of the confusion over the name, he was still a much treasured and respected friend dating from my earliest days in Castle Valley. He will be missed.

— David Vaughn
Castle Valley