Ravenna grass declared noxious weed in county

Ravenna grass is now a class IV noxious weed in Grand County
Ravenna grass is now designated a class IV noxious weed in Grand County. It can no longer be sold or planted. Photo courtesy of Tim Higgs

Ravenna grass is now a designated a class IV noxious weed after the Grand County Council unanimously voted to declare it so during its Feb. 4 meeting.

Weed Supervisor Tim Higgs said the seeds of the grass spread from property to property and even to the river, where it chokes out native vegetation.The weed also poses a fire danger due to its length.

Council Members Greg Halliday and Gabe Woytek both said the plant has given them problems. Halliday said he is constantly digging up the weed at his Castle Valley property before it blooms.

Woytek said the seeds can travel great distances as he has found them in remote areas of the county.

Higgs said his department will remove Ravenna grass if requested, but the county will not enter property to remove the weed without the owner’s consent.

The designation means the grass can’t be sold or planted in Grand County.