The Man of Truth versus the Prince of Lies


I am proud to be a Utahn and proud to be living and learning and growing and working with my family and friends and a community, that, like myself, truly believes in a higher power than ourselves and have faith in the principals of truth and justice and fairness and the foundations of our 243-year-old Democracy.

Our country and our government have been taken away from us by the rich and powerful few who are motivated by their own avarice.

I am proud of the man we elected here in Utah by an overwhelming majority of our citizens to represent all of us in these turbid times, to be the man of honor and integrity he has always committed and represented himself to be. Mitt Romney has shown the world what it means to honor his oath of office and his commitment to truth in ways we can all explain to our children, and we can take pride in the honor it confers on all the rest of us. What’s more is how he has done so in the face of the tremendous backlash from the most selfish and powerful man to have ever defrauded and cheated his way into our highest office for his own benefit alone.

There was never a clearer or starker contrast between this Man of Truth and the Prince of Lies. Mitt Romney deserves our overwhelming support right now, and our continued support and gratitude. The Republican Party and the American People on all sides of the political spectrum need to speak openly and clearly amongst ourselves about the values and principals we must all absolutely embrace in the coming months and years that will undoubtedly determine the chances we have for our very survival.

No amount of political calculus can rationalize or justify support for a president with no honor or moral character whatsoever and who uses everything and everyone for his own immediate and unequivocal lust for power and self-aggrandizement.

Those Republicans in Congress who have embraced this man as the leader of the Republican party have sacrificed everything for their own power and self-interest, and at the expense of their oaths of office and the lives and future of every one of us. The Republican Party needs a new standard bearer for all of us to rally behind and remove this madman who has stolen our country and our lives and our truth away from us.

Then we need to have an open and fair discussion of what we can do to change the system that has betrayed us, and get this huge government off our backs and take back the responsibility for our own lives in ways that are not at the expense of others. The sooner we can dump Trump and get back our system of free and open and fair elections, the sooner we can elect the representatives who are able and willing to work for the benefit of us all.

— Rob Kerchen