Wastewater Reclamation Facility superintendent retires

Greg Fosse, the longtime manager and superintendent of Moab City’s wastewater reclamation facility, has announced his retirement. Fosse has worked for the city for more than 17 years, overseeing plant operations at the city’s former sewer treatment plant and, since 2018, at the new treatment facility, according to city spokesperson Lisa Church, manager of Communications and Engagement.

greg fosse
Greg Fosse leaves a legacy as he retires from the City of Moab’s water reclamation facility he led for nearly two decades. Courtesy photo

In his first 15 years at the city, Fosse worked tirelessly to keep the more than 60-year-old sewer treatment plant operating in compliance with state and federal reporting standards, even as the demands on that facility continued to grow, said Church. In the fall of 2018, he oversaw the opening of the new wastewater reclamation facility and was key in ensuring a successful transition and smooth operations.

In recognition of his efforts, he was named the 2018 “Utah Wastewater Operator of the Year” by the Rural Water Association of Utah.

“Greg kept the old plant running, often under very difficult circumstances, and in doing so protected the health and wellbeing of our entire community,” said Moab City Manager Joel Linares. “And the early and ongoing success of the new plant is a testament to his continued commitment. The city is truly grateful for Greg’s dedication and hard work these past 17 years and we wish him many new adventures in his retirement.”