City employee of two decades to retire

Rachel Stenta

Longtime City of Moab employee Rachel Stenta has announced her intention to resign from her position later this spring. Stenta said she plans to remain in her current position as finance director and treasurer until May, around the time that budgeting for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will wrap up.

“Rachel has been a keystone for the City of Moab. Her leadership has provided financial and cultural stability over the years, and her shoes are going to be hard to fill,” said Moab Mayor Emily Niehaus. “I am so grateful for the 22 years that Rachel has given to the city and her citizens.”

Stenta originally came to work for the city in 1998 as the city recorder and assistant city manager, a position she held until January 2019 when she was named the city’s new finance director. She recently reflected on her long career in Moab’s municipal government, saying the “daily highlight” of her job is “helping people.”

“Over the years, I have always kept at the forefront of my mind and tried to demonstrate to my team that our main purpose as City employees is to serve the public, our community and each other,” Stenta said.

During her tenure, Stenta also was responsible for administering local elections as the city recorder, a job she was especially proud to have.

“I could not have worked 22 years at the city without my awesome team,” Stenta said.

Stenta said she is looking forward to pursuing other work opportunities after she leaves the city.

“I will miss working at the city and I am reimagining what my daily life will look like,” Stenta said. “I’m excited for both my next chapter as well as the city’s.”