Company develops eco-friendly bike lube

Jumbo Lube

A Colorado company has developed a completely biodegradable bicycle chain lubricant that is now being used in a couple of Moab businesses.

After two years in development, the product, called Jumbo Lube, is made from a plant-based formula that is free of petroleum, PTFE and PFCA ingredients. Its developers say it is safe for use in all environments both indoors and outside. “The goal for the product is to provide a bicycle lubricant that is made from renewable resources and done in a way that makes it safe for the environment,” said Milo Andrew, chief testing officer for the Paonia, Colorado company. “This is our most exciting breakthrough to date,” he said. “Why not make riding bikes even greener?”

Jumbo Lube has been manufactured in Paonia since 2013. The products are sold at bike shops throughout the Intermountain West and also online. Locally it can be found at Moab Cyclery andDouble Down Bike Shop.