Letter: Speak up if mail continues to be stolen

Note: Letter writer Mike Quinn wrote to The Times-Independent in April 2019 about alleged mail theft, kicking off the newspaper’s coverage of the issue.


First, I wish to commend The Times-Independent for tracking the problem of mail theft in Moab, Utah, which has been an on ongoing problem for many, many years. Since I sent my own letter to the editor, at least one dozen fellow citizens informed me of their same mail theft problem, some saying they had mail stolen numerous times – one person told me 10 times. I encouraged all to write a letter to the newspaper as well.

a US mailbox
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Secondly, I was dismayed at the lack of response both by the Moab Post Office locally as well as by the U.S. Post Office Inspector General’s Office. A personal visit to the Post Office resulted in no follow-up phone call from anyone. Furthermore, the U.S. Inspector General nor the prosecutor from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the case against Richard C. Davis NEVER called nor communicated with me even though I left my name, phone number and email address on the web site to file a complaint. That is why I turned to the press for help.

The “punishment” for stealing our mail was a slap on the wrist (24 months of “probation,” a $793 fine and five days in jail ) and I am of the opinion, listening to my fellow Moab citizens, that HUNDREDS of mailed items were stolen. I and my wife had seven cards stolen personally, two of which contained $100 for a niece and nephew for their birthdays. I thought mail theft was a federal offense. Please my fellow Moabites, speak up if your mail continues to be stolen as I am not AT ALL confident this problem has been resolved.

For mail theft comments, send email to uspoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form.

— Mike Quinn