Letter: Wash hands, call Mom


Stop touching your face. Seriously. Stop it. And wash your hands with soap.

a woman washing her hands
Publie domain/Wikimedia Commons

Wash the back of your hands, front of your hands, vehemently scrub between the fingers, top of the fingers and under the nails, side of the hands, up the wrist, and your thumbs.

Don’t forget your thumbs. That’s it, well done. You’ve taken the best steps you can take to avoiding this virus and the next virus to come along.

Stop hoarding masks and save them for the heroes that staff our hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Get a flu shot. Stay in if you’re unwell and call your mother.

If you’re affected by Corvid-19, my heart goes out to you. This will test us, but we’ll get through it.

— Emily Campbell