Players hold joint session

Exercise helps build unity, support between baseball, softball teams

Softball and baseball players had a joint skills workout March 4 in what proved to be a team-building exercise for both squads. Photos by Anthony Militano

The Grand County baseball and softball teams conducted a co-ed session on Wednesday, March 4, on the school’s softball field. The boys and girls held friendly fielding competitions to improve their skills in offense and defense — and what would a relaxed competition be without a homerun derby?

Softball pitcher Paige Shumway fires a strike against a switch-hitting baseball player.

In addition to the standard catch-and-hit routines, players worked on unique drills and scenarios that sharpened the analytical and physical aspects of playing ball.

‘The softball team asked us if we could do something together and I said, yes. Brook is the one who put it all together,” said baseball coach Darrin Wells.

The Red Devil baseball and softball teams held an informal joint practice
Red Devil softball and baseball players take grounders during a joint session March 4.

“We wanted to build camaraderie and school spirit,” said Brook Shumway. The idea proved to be a solid one as the shouts and whoops of athletes having fun could be heard.

“Darrin Wells is great and we thought if we brought these two teams together, these kids would have a great time and start supporting each other,” said Shumway. “It’s the same season and these kids are all friends; we thought it would just be good for the school. We are going to try and do this another time this year, do it on the baseball field, so they’ll host us and we’ll have another fun day.”