Letter: Belittling attitudes make virus more dangerous

Public domain photo by Jasmin Sessler via Pixabay


The writer of the “Bung Fodder” (toilet paper) Letter to the Editor from La Sal left me wondering why toilet paper was a subject of concern with everything else happening these days.

The opinion piece was quite a history lesson on Bung Fodder.

According to psychologists, toilet paper is a common commodity to be over-purchased during times of heightened concern regarding the product’s future availability due to public health concerns.

This time of year with the Jeep Safari, Half Marathon, the Car Show and tourism starting back up, people also stock up on staples.

The letter was triggered by the coronavirus which she apparently believes is no big deal and fake news. The writer mentions a “Media Democrat Industrial Complex.” This a conspiracy theory no one ever heard of. Did someone say, “fake news”?

What would be the payoff to such an organization for pushing a toilet paper shortage or a world-wide fake pandemic?

Actually I get it. The writer was belittling honest public fear that is developing because of an honest public health emergency they claim is “fake news.”

Coronavirus is real and serious. Ask the Italians or Chinese or the 8,000-plus families around the world who have lost loved ones in a matter of weeks. By the time this is read the death toll will certainly be much higher.

These attitudes and mocking behaviors make the virus more dangerous.

What would we do without the “fake news police?”

— John Hartley