Letter: Business owners put money above safety

From left, Rory Paxman, Curtis Wells and Greg Halliday vote March 11 against an order recommended to the county council that would have prohibited gatherings of larger than 250 people. Photo by Carter Pape


After reading the article concerning the 3-3 vote recently taken by the Grand County Council as to the possible restrictions of gatherings, I would like to express something to those in power in Moab, business owners, and those that live there in Moab.

I lived in Moab from 1980 to 1983. I now live in Grand Junction, Colorado. I visit often, buy food and fuel, lunch, I camp, go to the national parks, and visit friends that still live there.

To hear the business owners complain and put money before the safety of the visitors and the people that live in Moab is utterly disgusting! I could go on and on (but) I will keep it shorter than that.

To the business owners: stand up and be counted! Place a sign in your business window that potential patrons can see that says where you stand. Do you choose money over the safety of the town and visitors? Do you choose safety over money? As a potential patron to your business, I want to know. If you chose money, you will not get mine!

The selfishness of the business owners and county council has and will forever change my beliefs of Moab, my travel plans, my lunch plans for the day. Outdoor gear, supermarkets, restaurants, the bookstores, the bike shops … not my money.

Money before safety? What happened to you, Moab?

— Mike Fyten
Grand Junction, Colorado