Letter: It’s a pandemic!


Goodness gracious, and my, oh my! It’s the end of the world as we know it.

In the normal course of things over hundreds of millions of years, we would have to adapt and evolve to get through this. Too late though, for homo sapiens.

We have evolved to the very top, the alpha critter, the dominant predator, the ultimate destroyer. Nowhere left to go. Dagnabbit!

Not to worry though. Relax. Everything will be OK for a while. Your 401K won’t go down too much. Catastrophes don’t happen in an instant, unless we’re talking a giant asteroid, and for that perspective you would have to ask your neighborhood dinosaur, if you can find one.

Regardless of the current “situation” and breaking news, we humans will manage to kill ourselves off one way or another. As the renowned scholar Topogjo might say (has said, in fact), we’re too smart for our own good. The evolutionary creatures that are left after we’re gone, if any — the whales, the sharks, the trees, the insects, the birds (the birds will make it) will not give one damn.

They might notice something is a little bit different, but that’s about it.

— Steve Russell