Letter: Thanking Chris Baird and the other officials

Chris Baird spoke at a meeting of the Grand County Council March 11 about the urgency of taking action against COVID-19. The council voted down the measure he and health officials had proposed, which would have limited gatherings to no more than 250 people. Photo by Carter Pape


 I would like to thank Chris Baird and the other members of the task force for recognizing and addressing the threat that the SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) and the disease it causes–COVID-19–represents to the whole community in a reasoned and well-thought-out manner and I thank the council members who voted for it. It is disappointing and troubling that the rest of the council members present for the vote and the members of the business community that were present were against this measure.

They seem to place more emphasis on the potential loss of revenue (I acknowledge the importance of a good economy and the distress – hopefully short-term – that probably would result for some from passage of the measure and would hope the community would pull together for those people) than any commitment to the whole health of the community of people that make up Grand County especially since those potentially most affected by the virus are among those weaker (the elderly and those with compromised immune systems).

When the choice is between life and death, we should choose life. I believe we all, each of us, have a moral duty to watch out for each other and especially those who are weaker. We can pray and hope that some people come to find more compassion in their hearts.

– H. D. Johnson