City’s sustainability planning frustrates mayor, council, others

Plan lacks mentions of Moab’s recycling center

During a discussion on the City of Moab’s Sustainability Action Plan, officials including the mayor and city council members aired frustrations with the process of creating the plan, which has been months in the making, and which has been led by Moab’s Sustainability Director Rosemarie Russo, over complaints that Russo has failed to lead a cohesive process for drafting the plan or to amply account for officials’ feedback during its writing.

City finance director: State tax reform won’t hurt city revenues

Council mostly mum as state plan starts to sink in

Moab city officials are processing a proposal to reform sales and income tax in the State of Utah after a state task force released the proposal late last week. Although many council members are leaning on city staff for help understanding the implications of the 182-page plan, Council Member Mike Duncan said that a proposal to rework the taxation of groceries is a concern at the front of his mind.

Grateful for independent book store

Moab is truly blessed in having an independent, conscientious, community bookstore of the highest caliber and quality. Our congratulations, kudos and thanks go out to Andy and Marcie Nettell, and the always dedicated Back of Beyond Books staff, for surviving and thriving for 30 years now, and always giving back so much to the community (Books for Tots, author readings, community events, etc.), despite the onslaught of digital media and Amazon.

What are lawmakers looking to tax?

If a recent proposal becomes law, expect markup where you haven’t seen it before

A plan from the Utah State Legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force would broaden the state’s tax base, reducing it in some places and increasing it elsewhere. The changes will have complex effects; while Utahns’ income taxes will decrease, sales taxes around the state will increase and appear where they haven’t been before, such as at the vet, the car wash, in taxis and elsewhere.