Digital advertising

Thinking about putting an ad in our print publication? Learn more about our print advertising options and pricing.

If you want your brand, product, event, or idea to catch the eye of thousands of Moabites each month, digital advertising with The Times-Independent is perhaps your best option. Here’s our pitch:

If you advertise with us…

There are numerous benefits to partnering with us for your advertising needs. Here are just four examples of how we can serve you:

1. Thousands of Moabites will see your ad each month.

By measures of audience reach and engagement, we are the top ad provider in Moab. Since the relaunch of our website, roughly 2,000 different visitors have been in or around Moab when viewing our site. That’s 20 percent of the population of Grand County in under a month.

There are thousands of other Utahans who have visited our site every week and thousands more from around the region, country and world, all of them with an interest in what’s going on around Moab.

2. Your ad will be displayed in a prominent and attractive format.

We proudly display ads right at the top of our site. We do this to ensure that our ad partners are getting the exposure for which they pay.

We care about creating a good reader experience, which is why we don’t rely on large, cumbersome scripts that many other ad services use. This helps our pages consistently load quickly and without error.

User experience is also why we do not show ads in the middle of our articles or mixed with other content; we want users to have a pleasant, uninterrupted reading experience. We keep them coming back to our site for the seamless design and high-impact, local reporting, and your ad campaign will benefit from these positive experiences.

3. Your ad will integrate seamlessly with our site.

If you want the appearance of your ad to vary depending on whether it is being viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop, we can even help you set up a responsive web ad. This ensures that your ad is correctly sized and laid out regardless of the size of the screen.

We also offer ad layout services if you need help putting the final touches on your ad’s appearance to make it fit seamlessly with our site.

4. Ad blockers will not block your ad.

All modern browsers allow users to install plugins that block certain kinds of content, including most ads. These blockers typically recognize advertisements from large or well-known advertising systems.

Because our ad system is maintained in-house, we are able to craft and tweak our ad system so that our ad partners’ content is not filtered out by these apps and plug-ins. This gives you an opportunity to get your ad in front of all our readers, not just those who don’t use ad blockers. Visitors to our website will actually see your promotion.


The base price for putting an ad on our site is $200 per month. If you want to buy multiple ad spots, each additional spot will cost $200 per month. Each ad spot equates to roughly 8,000 ad views per month.

We offer discounted rates for:

  • Long-term commitments
  • Ordering ads for both our digital and print publications
  • Nonprofit organizations

To take advantage of these discounts or for questions about ad pricing and offerings, please contact us directly by calling, emailing or visiting our office.

How ads are displayed

We have ad space at the top of almost every page. Each article, section index and search result page has ad space. We do not display ads on error pages (like 404 pages) or account-related pages (like login, registration, settings and others).

If you buy one ad spot, your ad will appear at the top of a page once every ten page views. You can increase how often your ad is seen by purchasing additional ad spaces.

As an example, if you purchase four ad spots for one month, your ad will appear at the top of 40 percent of pages loaded that month. Each time a page is shown, there is a 40 percent chance your ad will be loaded. This rate increases 10 percent for each ad spot you buy.

When any of the 10 ad spots we have are available for purchase, pages that typically display ads are sometimes loaded without them. For example, if we have two open ad spots, two out of every ten pages will display no ad.

Ad image specifications

Your ad should be in an image format (for example: PNG, JPG, SVG, …) and designed to fit inside a 728 by 250 point box. We do not have a strict limit on the size of the image; we will scale it to fit inside the 728 by 250 rectangle.

If the aspect ratio of your ad image is not 728 to 250, we will scale it to be less wide or less tall than the 728 by 250 box, whichever lets the whole image be shown. If you want your ad to be smaller than 728 by 250, we can also accommodate that.

We recommend designing your ad for modern retina screens. This means using a scale factor of two or three when designing your ads. If you want to display an ad that is 600 points wide and 100 tall, you would design it at a size of 1,200 by 200 pixels (scale factor of two) or 1,800 by 300 pixels (scale factor of three).

You can also send us your ad in a non-image format (PDF, Word, text, …); just tell us how you want your ad displayed, or we can work it out for you.

Publishing your ad

We are currently developing an online platform where advertisers can design ads and purchase ad spots all online. While this is in development, we are happy to help you via email, phone or in-person at our office.

Simply send us your ad, the URL where it should point (for example, your home page) and the number of ad spots you would like to purchase. We will then send you an invoice and publish your ad once it is paid.