Saturday, July 4, 2020


Moab, UT

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    Sena Taylor Hauer

    Times-Independent Columnist
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    Blaze chars BLM site as agencies paint dire picture of early fire season

    Federal and state agencies have issued strict fire advisories due to the early advent of fire season and extremely dry conditions.

    Tales of Trails: The naming of Fisher Towers

    Fisher Mesa is like a peninsula in the sky, as are most of the mesas of the Colorado Plateau.

    Savings and efficiencies in the pandemic’s wake

    The incentives for staying in business won’t be great if entrepreneurs are taxed to death.

    Tales of Trails: Day trip to Devils Canyon, Pollock Bench offers a taste of McInnis Canyons

    As Grandstaff Canyon and Arches National Park are to Moab residents, so is the McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area to our neighbors in the Grand Junction area.

    Commencement at Corona Arch: Family enjoys four graduations

    Scores of Moab families have celebrated graduations recently, but one Moab family has enjoyed...

    Tales of Trails: Dominguez Canyon offers wilderness, hikes, history

    Visitors to the Colorado Plateau can freely travel across scenic recreational areas, sometimes wandering...

    High Desert Hoofbeats

    We won’t ever know how our various spring sports teams would have faired this year, whether in the pool, the tennis courts, golf course, the soccer pitch or the ball field. Sadly, the classes behind you wonder if they will ever know life as you all knew it, until about March when all of our worlds started to change in various ways.

    Opinion: Governments should cut costs in accordance with private sector

    Tourism has and will continue to play the most essential role to support Moab’s economic sustainability, even at these least essential of times. But for now, most publicity to encourage people to plan to visit here when this pandemic is over is practically non-existent.

    Tales of trails: Rabbit Valley offers options for multiple types of users

    Trails in Rabbit Valley are marked with permitted activities. Rabbit Valley is a hotspot for roaring ATVs, but one trail — Jouflas — allows foot and hoof access only.

    Lost dogs return to New York after tragedy in canyon; owner dies in fall

    Tonka, left, and Little P are recovering after surviving a fall in Rabbit Valley’s Mee Canyon that killed their owner.

    Tales of Trails: Onion Creek to Rose Garden Hill

    It’s anyone’s guess how the smell of rotten eggs became associated with the pungency...

    Recent frosts may impact local fruit crop

    Palisade expects 90% peach loss A hard frost on the night of...

    Tales of Trails: Kane Springs Canyon to the river

    Route begins near historic watering hole on Hwy. 191 Our desert with its scant eight...

    Tales of Trails: Puckering up for Long Canyon

    Pucker Pass. The name says it all in terms of how you might feel...

    Radio will broadcast holiday message

    For decades, a consortium of Moab-area churches have conducted a sunrise service at the Moab Overlook of Arches National Park on Easter morning. That event is not happening this year...