DWR proposes new mule deer management plan, amendments to hunt drawing process

The current statewide mule deer management plan is a five-year plan that was approved in 2014. Because it is due to expire in December, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is proposing a new seven-year statewide plan, along with some other amendments to the hunt drawing process, and is requesting the public’s feedback on all the proposals, according to spokesperson Faith Jolley.

Haunted hospital

Mark Weissinger and Tiffany White from Urgent Care at Moab Regional Hospital dress as the frighteningly creepy twins from the Stephen King film, “The Shining” at the hospital’s Halloween party. They were among a cast of characters to roam the halls Oct. 31. A pumpkin carving and decorating contest was held. Each department participated but the operating room staff used surgical precision to win with their patient, Patty Pumpkin, which involved a colostomy bag filled with gooey seeds and stitches, while hooked up to an IV drip, according to Christy Calvin, MRH spokesperson.