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Moab, UT

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    Iron Chlorosis: symptoms, causes, solutions

    Iron chlorosis often occurs in alkaline soils (pH greater than 7.0), which are common in Utah.

    Ask an Expert: Staycations a great option this summer

    A staycation can mean either staying at home or remaining close by while enjoying local, regional or state attractions.

    Ask an Expert: Summer gardening strategies

    Treat for spider mites by using “softer” solutions such as spraying them with a hard stream of water or by using an insecticidal soap.

    Ask an Expert: 7 tips on taking stock before restocking food storage

    Store only high-quality foods. You may be familiar with the saying, “You get out of something what you put into it.”

    Opinion: COVID-19 precautions more important than ever

    As the government encourages business openings, we must not end the preventative measures we each take to limit the spread of COVID-19. Unfortunately, behavior in communities since May 1 suggests that many think we are past the threat — fewer people are wearing masks, people are going out in groups, children are playing in parks, sharing toys, etc.

    Ask an Expert: 5 tips to help avoid coronavirus scams

    By Amanda ChristensenUSU Extension Not surprisingly, scammers are taking advantage of the fears that surround the coronavirus. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission has already communicated with several scammers...

    Ask an Expert: Cleaning with COVID-19 in mind

    Practicing good hygiene, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, covering a cough or sneeze and avoiding contact with others are all important steps to help thwart the spread of coronavirus.

    Ask an Expert – Wild Animals Are Not Pets

    A woman in New York paid $1,800 for a 9-week-old black leopard. She thought it was cute and friendly — until it attacked her. A Pennsylvania woman died after...

    Ask an Expert

    There seems to be a shift in recent decades regarding family culture and expectations. According to family researcher William Doherty, the shift has moved toward a, “what’s in it for me?” culture,...

    Fact and Fiction about the 2020 U.S. Census

    It comes around every 10 years, and it’s hard to believe it’s time to participate in another U.S. Census. Below is information from the Federal Trade Commission, in partnership with the U.S....
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    Al fresco: COVID-19 pushes city to permit outdoor dining

    Distancing guidelines would have to be followed and businesses would have to apply for a license.

    The Market on Center

    A new type of farmers market is happening in Moab this summer, and it began on July 23. Dubbed “The Market on Center,” it includes vendors selling food and produce, artisan creations and other items.

    Domestic travel not replacing global visits

    The overall figures for 2020, not just the month of June, are more striking.

    CNY flights more empty than full

    The numbers align with anecdotes from businesses of seeing more Texas and California license plates than typical.

    Abandoned mine reclamation project could begin this fall

    The closure methods include masonry walls, steel grates, rebar barricade and earthen backfill.