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Moab, UT

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    Something in the Desert

    Losing someone to COVID-19

    Years later, I realized Lon treated everyone like they were the most important person in the world. That was his nature.

    On toppling statutes and other flash points

    Just as it is unfair to judge a 30-year-old by a mistake they made at 15, it is patently unfair to compare anyone from the past to the social mores in play today.

    Why did Cox do so poorly in Grand County?

    Did a bunch of local Democrats change parties, if only for a minute?

    Opinion: Life in Moab, one 911 call at a time

    When I was a young reporter covering the cops beat, my editor made me bring home the police scanner on weekends. He didn’t seem to understand I needed days off and couldn’t...

    Moab showed up for Black Lives Matter

    I was expecting to see maybe a few dozen folks show up, do some chants, march up and down the street, go home.They proved me wrong.

    Why I wear the mask

    I wear the mask because people who know about viruses and community spread and pandemic response protocols are far more trustworthy than any politician telling you something different.

    Opinion: Government form is key local issue of 2020 election

    With the exception of an incredibly important ballot question for voters to decide in November, there won’t be much intrigue for Grand County this election cycle, at least on the local level.

    Column: Anybody else having weird dreams?

    I’ve always been a dreamer. Not the head in the clouds type of dreamer, but a real dreamer. I can wake up from a dream to use the restroom...

    Opinion: Putting this year’s Captain Trips in perspective

    There’s a fine line between letting people know there is a superbug zooming around the planet getting people sick — and even killing some of them — and sparking mass hysteria.
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    Latest News

    Grand County resident dies of COVID-19

    A Grand County resident has died from COVID-19, according to the Southeast...

    Trail review: Amazing vistas but be prepared!

    The views are breathtaking, but the time and teamwork to traverse the 18.9-mile trail was what made the adventure a memory of a lifetime

    Tales of Trails: Get ‘On Top of the World’ to see spectacular views

    The Top of the World Trail is about 19 miles long in and out from the pavement on Highway 128 near Dewey Bridge.

    County: No avoiding tax hike — even during a pandemic

    Were the property tax increase to be rescinded, he said Grand County “would literally be totally broke.”

    Off and running, seeking new team members

    Members of the Grand County High School cross-country team hold their first practice of the season Monday morning. Coach Randy Martin said he’s looking for more students to join the team.