Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Moab, UT

93.9 F


    USGS: Moab watershed 30-40% smaller than previously reported

    A long-awaited study from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that the availability of groundwater in the Moab valley is significantly less than a study from 1971—the most recent study investigating the size...

    Report: San Juan County spent $500K on reducing Bears Ears

    Receipts from '17 showed high spending on attorneys San Juan County hired a New Orleans-based law firm in late 2016 to fight against President Barack Obama's designation of Bears Ears National Monument and later...

    Cooperative rivers plan could provide better management

    A rivers management plan 18 months in the making will provide some much-needed direction to officials and employees at the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands...

    District could fog for mosquitoes again this week

    County OKs emergency 'air strike' The Moab Mosquito Abatement District board announced it will not do any more fogging to eradicate the plague of aggressive nuisance mosquitoes that have...

    Avalanche destruction

    According to the Canyonlands Natural History Association newsletter, a large avalanche in March destroyed everything in its path...

    Nance declares war on mosquitoes

    Fogging will take place Wednesday night The Moab Mosquito Abatement District will fog along the sloughs in the Colorado River, the Matheson Wetlands Preserve and into Moab neighborhoods beginning...

    Enchilada smothered with snow

    Burro Pass on the Whole Enchilada Trail in the La Sal Mountains is still under deep snow. According to the U.S. Forest Service, which posted this photo submitted to it by local hiker Gerrish Willis...

    Colorado River to peak this weekend

    Flows are 'cold and swift' Based on historical averages, the Colorado River typically peaks near Moab during the first week of June. This year the river is projected to...

    Full to brimming

    Wettest water year just ended The Natural Resources Conservation Service in a statement to water managers released June 1 reported that all of Utah’s watersheds have received greater than...

    Consultant hosting river management open houses June 24, 25

    The public is invited to attend a public open house regarding management of the Colorado and Green rivers. The Grand County event is from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. June 25 at the Grand Center, 182 North...

    Latest News

    Quirks skew Grand’s COVID tally

    When a visitor in such situations tests positive, where should that case be marked? Should it be marked where they tested positive, or their place of residence?

    The Market on Center

    A new type of farmers market is happening in Moab this summer, and it began on July 23. Dubbed “The Market on Center,” it includes vendors selling food and produce, artisan creations and other items.

    Domestic travel not replacing global visits

    The overall figures for 2020, not just the month of June, are more striking.

    CNY flights more empty than full

    The numbers align with anecdotes from businesses of seeing more Texas and California license plates than typical.

    Abandoned mine reclamation project could begin this fall

    The closure methods include masonry walls, steel grates, rebar barricade and earthen backfill.