One Utah Child Care created to assist Utah’s essential employees

COVID-19 Child Care Task Force creates new program for healthcare workers and others

The Child Care Task Force has created a new program called One Utah Child Care to meet the needs of essential employees, such as health care workers and first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. The online tool for parents to register is now available and services began Monday, March 30, according to Tracy Gruber, who discussed the issue during a press conference Monday.

Sparse layoff numbers paint dire picture for Moab workers

Hundreds, possibly thousands of locals laid off in span of two weeks

The recent halt in economic activity in Moab has likely resulted in a drastic drop in sales compared to this time last year as well as significant numbers of layoffs. A recent order that hotels close to visitors has also driven the transient room tax to virtually zero, according to Grand County Council Administrator Chris Baird, leaving city and county coffers much drier than they had been before.