Thursday, May 28, 2020

Moab, UT

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    Spanish Valley plan approved after San Juan commission rejects planners

    Master planning in Spanish Valley was the major focus of a marathon meeting of the San Juan County Commission on Nov. 19.

    Lyman files $10 million lawsuit against BLM

    Former San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman is representing himself in a $10 million lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management, claiming collusion between the BLM, the media, the U.S. Attorney’s office, and special interest groups harmed his business and professional relationship.

    San Juan gets pushback on Spanish Valley asphalt plant

    Grand gets an earful – for different reasons A fire sign near Ken's Lake shows high danger on...

    San Juan change of government question looks to be defeated

    While hundreds of votes still have not been counted as of Wednesday morning, it appears as if voters are on the way to defeat a ballot initiative that could have led to a change in San Juan County government.

    Questions arise over Nov. 5 San Juan County election

    While the November 5 election features a single question for San Juan County voters, the special election is getting more and more complicated.

    San Juan hit with $2.6M in attorney fees from Voting Rights Act case

    Cutting its losses, the San Juan County Commission has voted 3-0 to pay attorney fees totaling $2.6 million to the Navajo Nation...

    San Juan County to vote on governance

    A special election in November will ask voters in San Juan County if a committee should be formed to consider a change...

    Citizens to San Juan: ‘Let Moab have the tourists’

    Amidst a moratorium adopted by the San Juan County Commission that will end on Nov. 17, Spanish Valley residents are looking to get ahead of commercial developments, including lodging construction, in the southern part of the valley.

    SITLA neighbor would rather live by a dump

    Marlene Huckabay gazes out her window onto her back yard and an undeveloped parcel of land. Huckabay said she is not...

    San Juan County Commission drops appeals in lengthy voting rights case

    The San Juan County Commission on July 29 unanimously voted to drop any further appeals in the voting rights case that led to the election of two members of the Navajo Nation to the three-person commission last November, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune.

    Report: San Juan County spent $500K on reducing Bears Ears

    Receipts from '17 showed high spending on attorneys San Juan County hired a New Orleans-based law firm in late...

    10th Circuit Court upholds San Juan County voting boundary decision

    This story was originally published by The San Juan Record. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday unanimously...

    City: Nothing left to cut but jobs

    City Manager Joel Linares brought home the point Tuesday when he advised the Moab City Council during a budget presentation that, “not all months are created equal,” when it comes to the collection of sales taxes...

    Council member worries about ‘scrutiny’ toward mask snubbers

    In a discussion about the current state of Moab’s response to COVID-19, Grand County Council Member Rory Paxman expressed concern last week that a collective push from the hospital and health department to wear masks might be too much, also expressing concerns about “scrutiny” toward people who do not wear masks.

    County council: Community Rebuilds, Friends of Arches aren’t ‘community gifts’

    Two Grand County-based nonprofits that applied this year for property tax exemptions were recently denied their requests after officials made findings that the nonprofits did not provide a sufficient gift to the community, per Utah law, to qualify them for exemptions — exemptions that would have slightly raised property taxes on everyone else in the county.

    County to diversify post-virus

    The impacts of the pandemic have renewed local leaders’ focus on a topic many have worried over for years but must now confront in much starker terms: Economic diversification.

    What it’s like to start a new job in the middle of a pandemic

    Mallory Nassau Exactly two weeks after the Southeast Utah Health Department passed a health order that effectively closed...