July deadline looms to fill out survey

Change in form of government study

There are only four questions to answer in a survey regarding the pending change in Grand County’s form of government, and while no question requires a written essay to answer – simply circle a number or provide a checkmark on the appropriate line – the answer to each question will go a long way in helping members of the committee studying the issue make up their collective mind.

Views clash on nightly lodging

Planners favor ban, landowners object

People who own highway frontage, manage overnight lodging operations, are property rights advocates – or are all of the above – showed up en masse to oppose a fulltime prohibition against developing overnight accommodations in Grand County. It might have been a case of too little, too late for a majority of Grand County Planning commissioners, who in a series of votes following a public hearing Tuesday sent a recommendation asking the Grand County Council to enact legislation that would implement the ban on new lodging developments.