Sadoff seeks ‘true cooperation’ with regional healthcare providers

MRH CEO opposes plan to build clinic in Spanish Valley, cites redundant service, unfair competition

Choosing her words as carefully as a man walking through a minefield chooses his next step, Moab Regional Hospital CEO Jen Sadoff in an interview with The Times-Independent expounded on what impacts a planned health clinic on the San Juan County side of Spanish Valley could have on MRH’s bottom line and future plans.

Lisbon Valley Gas Plant now selling purified helium

Move comes amid global shortage of valuable gas

The Lisbon Valley Gas Plant is meeting a strong market demand for a valuable gas that has been in short supply worldwide. The plant about 40 miles south of Moab began accepting and processing third party producer helium gas streams in July. With the recent shutdown of the only other plant in the region near Farmington, New Mexico, the Lisbon Valley Gas Plant is offering stranded producers the sales outlet and solutions they need to get their gas to market at a fair price.

Community Rebuilds, looking to relocate its office, hits a nerve with neighbors

Rezone request tabled after Derasary, other neighbors oppose the change

Community Rebuilds has a problem. The nonprofit’s office is located down a long driveway at 150 S 200 E, behind three houses, leading potential homeowners, representatives with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others unfamiliar with the exact location of the office to go knocking on nearby homeowners’ doors, looking for the hidden office.