Officials: Report lodging violations to the travel council

Travel council will forward complaints to law enforcement in cases of noncompliance

The Moab Area Travel Council, headed by Executive Director Elaine Gizler, has taken the lead in the countywide effort to enforce the Southeast Utah Health Department’s March 17 health order to close all lodgings — including campgrounds, overnight rentals and hotels — to visitors. Residents may fill out a complaint form on the Do It Like a Local website.

Hundreds appeal to county, city for continued lodging cutback

Letter: No ‘new projects’ until pending projects are done

Amid discussions over lodging regulations that will govern new hotels and motels in Moab, more than 560 local residents have signed an open letter to city and Grand County elected officials asserting that the level of tourist visitation to Moab is “too high” and asking that the council “NOT allow any new projects” into the planning pipeline until “pending projects,” also known as vested projects, have been built.

Travel Council could see TRT funding drop sharply

Carrot at end of stick is $2.5 million ‘floor’

A proposed legislative bill to reduce the amount of transient room tax that must be spent to promote tourism in Grand and other Utah counties was met with mixed feelings Friday when the Grand County Council and Moab Area Travel Council met – but the two sides ultimately agreed to put up a united front when lawmakers address the legislation in the 2020 session, which begins Jan. 27.

Wells: ‘We haven’t been on the same page the whole time’

Curtis Wells said his colleagues on the Grand County Council were aware he had serious concerns regarding the removal of lodging as a permitted use from existing businesses and commercial zoning long before the issue ever went to a vote on July 16 – saying the process morphed from one that would have implemented enhanced design standards for lodging operators to an outright ban, to building any more hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, condominiums, townhomes or private campgrounds.