UDOT: Highway widening was always going to interfere with tourism

Timeline, cost also impacted by negotiations with local businesses

The Utah Department of Transportation has been undertaking a multitude of public works projects in Moab in recent weeks, the largest of which will continue for months to come. Two of the projects are on Main Street, which, as a part of State Highway 191, is under UDOT’s direct purview; the third is a parking structure currently being plotted out by the City of Moab, funded through UDOT.

Official: Changes on Main Street are no threat to parallel parking

Additional lights, signage added for vehicle, pedestrian safety

On a vertical pole at the intersection of Main Street and 100 South, the Utah Department of Transportation recently added a new traffic signal to allow vehicles sitting behind large tractor trailers at the light — a common occurrence at all Main Street intersections in Moab — to see at least one of the three signals for northbound lanes of traffic.