Liss: Land prices don’t justify cost of parking structure

Moab businessman Michael Liss Tuesday lambasted the city’s plan to build a four-story parking structure west of Main Street, claiming that “people never build parking structures if the land prices don’t justify it.” During a Chamber of Commerce luncheon Dec. 17, Liss told business leaders, “Our land is still priced low enough to make surface parking cheaper than a parking structure. Even in the very center of downtown.”

County, city receive funds for transportation studies

A joint effort undertaken by Grand County, the City of Moab and other entities to establish a regional transportation plan got a huge shot in the arm earlier this month when the Utah Department of Transportation awarded Technical Assistance Planning funds to the county. County Community and Economic Director Zacharia Levine said in announcing the award that the county and city have already signed cooperative agreements with UDOT, the State Institutional and Trust Lands Administration and San Juan County. The initiative will begin early in 2020.