Saturday, June 6, 2020


Moab, UT

63.7 F

    Utah Government

    Herbert: ‘Common sense requires’ staying in yellow risk phase

    Utah Gov. Gary Herbert announced today, June 5 that much of the state would remain in the yellow, low risk phase...

    DWR seeks information after 260 fish left to waste near Syracuse

    The fish were discovered on the side of the road on West Gentile Street near Syracuse in northern Utah on May 18.

    Ignoring own standards and experts, Utah commission pushes reopening

    The COVID-19 model from the CDC predicts an increase in deaths from the coronavirus from Utah in the coming weeks, and key indicators predict more hospitalizations are to come.

    Employment data confirms Grand is among worst hit in state

    The figures confirm earlier estimates that roughly one in five to one in six jobs in Grand County have been lost to COVID-19.

    Stories of Interest

    Hwy. 191 work picks up steam; first new pavement applied this week

    The Highway 191 widening project from north of downtown to the Colorado River continues with work taking place at a variety of locations, including from the Colorado River to Rubicon Trails, where crews have been building a retaining wall to support the shoulder along the highway, as well as for a new sidewalk on the west side.

    State to dictate future health orders

    A newly formed statewide commission will have the final word in conjunction with Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on the health restrictions imposed on Grand County, according to local health officials.

    Shuttered copper mine has 17 months to reclaim site

    The shuttered Lisbon Valley Mine has less than 18 months to perform reclamation work per an order from the Utah Division of...

    Shuttered copper mine has 17 months to reclaim site

    The shuttered Lisbon Valley Mine roughly 43 miles from Moab in San Juan County has been ordered to complete reclamation work...

    Herbert lowers risk protocol to moderate; people still encouraged to stay home

    Gov. Gary Herbert issued an executive order that formally places the state of Utah under “moderate risk” protocols for COVID-19 beginning Friday,...

    Seasonal workers are running out on unemployment insurance

    Despite Congress approving last month an expansion to unemployment insurance programs nationwide, seasonal workers in Moab may soon see their benefits run out if they have not already.

    State could preempt Moab health orders

    A new commission advising Utah Gov. Gary Herbert on rules governing the state's COVID-19 response may result in local health orders from the Southeast Utah Health Department being preempted by statewide rules formed by the commission and approved by the governor.

    What went wrong with the alert system?

    Utah was the first state in the Union to try something like this weekend’s alert campaign — one in which emergency managers specified multiple areas in the state where it wanted to send the travel alert...

    Utah lawmakers to begin special session Thursday

    The Utah Legislature will begin a special session today to address ongoing “pressing issues” of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and, specifically, the State of Utah’s response to the outbreak.

    Governor orders Utahns not to travel unless it is 'essential'

    Directive is 'not to be confused with a shelter-in-place order' On Friday, Utah. Gov....

    Governor: Rural tourism economies sending ‘mixed messages’ on COVID-19 response

    Gov. Gary Herbert answers a question during a remote press conference about guidance for tourism economies in Utah that face economic crisis amid travel restrictions and steep declines in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Nothing funny about price-gouging jokes

    Division of Consumer Protection aggressively pursuing complaints Since receiving an influx of reports of price gouging over the weekend,...

    Nominees sought for Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize Advisory Council

    It will focus on endangered species protection, invasive species management, poaching and wildlife trafficking prevention, and nonlethal solutions to human-wildlife conflicts, according to a press release from the department.

    Trump announces parks to reopen ‘quickly’; Interior chief says it will happen ‘gradually’

    President Donald Trump said Wednesday that his administration planned to reopen national parks around the country. No details on the timeline for reopening the parks — Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park in particular — were immediately available.

    Census Bureau resumes field operations, will drop off packets at front doors in Utah

    The U.S. Census Bureau, in coordination with federal, state and local health officials, has begun to drop...

    Should BLM regulate bikes and e-bikes independently?

    E-bikes, such as this one offered for rent at Bike Fiend, may soon be regulated separately from regular bikes if a proposed rule change takes effect. The public comment period on the rule change is now open.

    BLM seeks to limit roped, aerial activity in Mineral, Hell Roaring canyons

    In recent years, recreational activity in the Mineral and Hell Roaring canyons has increased, leading to impacts to wildlife habitat, officials say.