My View: Try ‘We the People’ instead of ‘You People’

We urban-transplant eco-socialist Thanos-emulating city council members have been seeing more “You people…” and “What were you thinking…” letters lately. Kerri Bertwell and Marjorie Haun, writing earlier this month, may not know they have much in common with the political left. Everyone is unhappy about the congestion. Everyone wants more economic diversity. And more than a few blame the city council.

Local councils didn’t cause tourism boom

Marjorie Hahn, in her recent “My View” column, expressed misgivings over the increasingly dominant role of tourism on Moab’s economy (what she calls the “imbalance”). But I think she attributes far too much importance to decisions made or not made by local public officials. As I will try to show, our local economy has responded to certain “megatrends” affecting the entire country and indeed the whole world.

A Page Out of the Book Cliffs – May 16, 2019

Edith Johnston Page 46 – Part 4

Let’s take one last look at the history Edith Johnston left for us when she finished her 36-year effort to write her memoirs in 1996. I consider her stories worthy of this column since she grew up in various little places across the Cisco Desert along the base of the Book Cliffs, and that is what this column is really about; telling the stories of the people who spent time in the Book Cliffs country.

Food Allergies

I had them as a kid, and treated them as a pediatrician

I am writing this out of the firm belief that “it takes one to know one.” I don’t know at exactly what age it started, and of course, my mother, now, can’t tell me. By school age, we both knew that a normal kid didn’t make the noises when talking like I did. Some described it as “he sounds like he has a clothespin on his nose.” What I am describing is nasal allergy due to sensitivity to cow’s milk.