Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Moab, UT

93.9 F


    Bipartisan effort to help local newspapers is underway

    Now, Congress will get the opportunity to pass a relief measure that protects your access to trustworthy local news.

    The wall with Mexico will come tumbling down

    The monstrous wall so close to them has further militarized our international boundary with Mexico.

    To mask or not to mask: look for the science

    As with all issues of national importance, Americans disagree on the best means of minimizing their risk.

    Losing someone to COVID-19

    Years later, I realized Lon treated everyone like they were the most important person in the world. That was his nature.

    Thank you, Mosquito Abatement District

    I know the runoff this spring was way down compared to last year and that has been a huge help.

    In opposition to bike skills park

    It appears the bike skills park is one part of a grand scheme to turn the full length of the pathway into a tourist commodity.

    Support mask vigilantes

    Wearing a simple mask reduces the spread and helps save lives.

    A Page Out of the Book Cliffs

    The hour passed quickly and I was just about to saddle my horse when here came Lord Byron tramping into camp with a meaner look in his eye than Scarlet had shown

    Beautiful lightning show has downside

    Other residents either took photos or just watched in awe as the spectacle unfolded before them.

    The bomb and me, 75 years later

    Musician Frank Zappa was among the estimated half-million to two million children who were treated this way.

    A memo to statue topplers

    First, removing a statue changes nothing in the real, material circumstances of millions of Americans.

    Mask your complaints, McMurdo

    I’m sure the management of City Market has a policy in place on how to deal with those who flout the mask requirement.
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    Latest News

    The Market on Center

    A new type of farmers market is happening in Moab this summer, and it began on July 23. Dubbed “The Market on Center,” it includes vendors selling food and produce, artisan creations and other items.