Castle Valley Comments: Jan. 16, 2019

For a small community, Castle Valley has a lot of activities to keep us informed, entertained and healthy. Residents can attend town meetings to keep abreast of how the elected officials run our municipality, witness how the fire department operates, find a good book to read during the cold winter days, enjoy a board game, card game, a lively game of ping pong, or take a hike. The following is a list of activities that can be found in Castle Valley to fulfill the curiosity or interest for most everyone:

Castle Valley Comments: Jan. 9, 2019

The average temperature for December was in line with our available average compilation, according to our official weather observer, Bob Russell. He said our December average high was 39.7 degrees compared with the 40.9 historical average. Our average low was 20.4 degrees compared with 22.6. He said our frigid last three days of single digits in December pulled us down a little. It was a different story with the snow. “We struggled to get a white Christmas with just a trace of snow but our 6.5 inches on the 28th brought our total to 7.6 inches, well above our historical 4.1 inches,” he observed.