Castle Valley Comments, March 26, 2020

The Castle Valley Town Council met last Wednesday, March 18 at the open-air town pavilion. It was a cold and windy evening, but due to concerns regarding the potential spread of COVID-19 they decided to meet outside and encouraged the public not to attend. I was the only one not associated with the town to attend so I could report on the proceedings for this column, but I was safely seated up-wind from the council who were seated an appropriate distance from one other. Mayor Jazmine Duncan thanked the public for staying safe and not being at the meeting.

Letter: Thanking Chris Baird and the other officials

 I would like to thank Chris Baird and the other members of the task force for recognizing and addressing the threat that the SARS-CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) and the disease it causes–COVID-19–represents to the whole community in a reasoned and well-thought-out manner and I thank the council members who voted for it. It is disappointing and troubling that the rest of the council members present for the vote and the members of the business community that were present were against this measure.